Hoodoo Mayhem Brass Band plays dirty and grooves hard. Heavily seduced by New Orleans funk and brass, it’s a horn blowin’ beat party as good as they come. Featuring ten of Melbourne’s hottest brass players and stick technicians with special guests at every performance. The band boasts a creative and organic repertoire of original music and is proud of their unique Melbourne sound. 10 years from the inception at the 2007 Melbourne International Jazz festival, the Hoodoo crew have a big 2017 planned and are mid-way through an album of new material ready for some springs gigs.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Spicks and Specks Appearance

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Village Festival - Fitzroy

Southbank, Melbourne

About the Band

A sensational blend of horns from a selection of Melbourne finest bands the players of Hoodoo Mayhem come with a great cross genre blend of sound an influence. Check out the player profiles to see their other projects.

At it’s inception, the group formed performing repertoire from the original New Orleans Street Bands like Dirty Dozen and Rebirth. As time went on, the sound and influence developed to include the more modern sounds of groups like Youngblood, Soul Rebels and Trombone Shorty. 

Although Hoodoo has the Street Brass Band classics down, the uniqueness and exiting edge they bring comes from their original compositions. Sousaphone player Nathan Ford brings the majority tunes, which are all playful and upbeat while remaining sophisticated and captivating.

Above all, Hoodoo Mayhem is fun. The dirty grooves and tantalising soloists get in to your soul and bring that thing out that makes us all smile. It’s loud, it’s honest, and it’s got that thing that makes your back bone shiver and your hip bones bones swing. 

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Nathan 0425 776 610